Women From Virginia Wins $1m Lottery Twice on the Same Day

The chances of winning a lottery is really low, that is why whenever someone hits the jackpot, the world lucky. But what if you win the $1 million lottery, twice, in the same day? That is definitely a new level of lucky. A woman from Virginia had exactly the same lucky experience. Virginia Pike was able to hit the lottery jackpot twice and on the same day. She expressed how shocked she was when she received the news, and it seems that the new millionaire still can’t believe her fortune. A person who had the same fortune would definitely start to fulfill her life dreams, having a house, buying things she needs, and going on a vacation. When one talk about vacation, the word beach would totally come with it, especially during times when the weather is scorching hot and there would be nothing greater than a plunge in the sea. Beaches like Philippine beach resort have a special charm that makes it one of the top destinations of those individuals who want to experience the best vacation of their lives. Who would not be attracted to the beach anyway? The blue waves, complemented by the white sand and the cool breeze would definitely be a perfect getaway for anyone. Tagaytay Hotels other world class Hotels all over the globe offers a different kind of relaxation and excitement to tourists. Those who want to unwind would definitely agree that the beach, where you would be cradled to relaxation by the cool whispers of the ocean breeze and the quietness of the location, where you can only hear the music of the waves is the perfect spot. (visit: http://beachresortphilippines.net/category/resorts/tagaytay/) tagaytay hotels But beaches like Hundred Island Resort not only for those who want to slow down their lives and just lie down and relax, because this is also home for those who are seeking fun and extreme adrenalin rush. There are tons of water sports and exciting activities that could be enjoyed in the beach; kayaking, surfing, wakeboarding, banana boat ride are some of the activities that could be experienced here.


So if ever you would get the same fortune as Pike, be sure to include in your celebration list to treat yourself into a worthwhile vacation in some of the world’s greatest beach destination that could offer you not only the best relaxing experience but could also give your adrenalin an exciting lift.






Choosing Perfect Summer Vacations Spots Like Beach Resorts Philippines

A lot of people who are ready to relax and unwind this coming summer season are already packing their bags and setting their way to the beach. The beach is definitely the top choice of a lot of people for summer destination. The cool waters and the comforting breeze is the perfect weapons against the scorching heat of the sun.

Beach Resorts Philippines are one of the top choices of both local and international tourists who want to experience a relaxing, fun and absolutely memorable summer. The beauty of the land has never failed to mesmerize those who set foot on the island. There are a lot of beach resorts in this country that have their own ways of awing their visitors.

One of the most famous resorts in this country is in Tagaytay. The place is famous for its magnificent white sand and sparkling blue waters. Mornings in these resorts could be filled with a lot of fun activities such as swimming, cave hopping, and doing a lot of interesting water sports. When the sun sets and the stars and darkness start to steal the sky, the fun continues with the loud and exciting night life and partying. With all the activities that could be enjoyed here, a day or two would not be enough in Tagaytay Hotels(visit : http://beachresortphilippines.net/category/resorts/tagaytay/).

tagaytay hotels
Aside from the famous white sand beach of the country, there are also a lot of tourists who are amazed with the beauty of Palawan. This place is one peaceful sanctuary which would definitely capture the hearts not only of fun loving people, but also those who are nature lovers. This place is specially blessed with different wonders of nature which makes the place really beautiful.

One could reinvent their love with nature in Palawan. They can discover the rich wonders of the sea through different exploration activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Each tour would be guided by expert guides that would make sure that the person would be getting into the best spot in the sea.

A lot of tourists also love how the natural setting of the place induces a wonderful calming feeling to them. Maybe because of the perfect location, and being surrounded by bountiful natural resources the visitors of the place feels the calming and soothing ambiance that is being induced by the place.





Celine Dion Cancels Concerts To Recover From Virus

Singer Celine Dion cancelled several of her upcoming concerts on Los Angeles after she caught a virus. The singer needs to recover from the virus that has caused damage in her vocal chords, so her doctors advised her to take some rest for about a week. The singer has expressed her own disappointment on the cancelled shows because she said that she does not like “letting people down”. But no matter how much she wants to do the shows, her body definitely needs a rest.

Resting is one of the primary suggestions of doctors to their patients who need to recover from a disease. Having a break and relaxing one’s self is definitely helpful in improving the health of a person that is why there are some people who carefully chooses the place where they would like to have their rest. No one could ever deny the relaxing and comforting ambiance that seaside can give, that is why it is not surprising that there are a lot of people who wish to relax and have a good rest who choose to stay in beautiful beaches. A lot of beautiful beach resorts Philippines are perfect spots for those who want to chill out with the beauty of the blue waves.

Beaches like Tagaytay Beach Resorts are visited by a lot of tourists because of its magnificent beauty. The clear waters and the perfectly white sand have captivated a lot of travelers, making them come back to the country every time. Aside from the undeniable wonders that nature has blessed in this place, what attracts people most to Tagaytay hotels are the hospitable locals who creates a friendly and homey ambiance. One can’t really help but smile when they are placed in this kind of environment.

Aside from the famous “white sand beach” of the country, there are also Palawan Beach Resorts who is also well loved by tourists and locals alike. Nature has truly blessed this place with clear waters and magnificent landscapes that would definitely calm and relax anyone’s soul, making it the perfect destination for those people who want to recover from a sickness or even those people who just want to rejuvenate and enjoy the wonders of nature.

One would definitely recover easily either from sickness or from stress if they would get the chance to be surrounded by wonderful sceneries like these beach resorts. Indeed, getting into this wonderful place is definitely relaxation and resting at its best.






Anne Hathaway In Strict Diet for Les Miserables Role

Anne Hathaway is holding back her eating cravings to prepare for her roles as Fantine in the film adaptation of the hit musical, Les Miserables. The actress is supposed to lose 16 lbs. in three weeks for the role. Because of this, the actress is limited into taking in only 500 calories per day. This is a very small amount compared to the recommended calorie of the UK Daily Mirror which is 2000 calories a day. However, the actress’s publicist revealed that there had been some exaggeration on the number of weight to lose as well as the calories.

Like Hathaway, there are a lot of people who are also on for a diet regime for the summer season, getting ready for flaunting their gorgeous curves on the beach. Since you would be exerting too much effort on getting the perfect beach body, it is just worthy for you to select the perfect beach.
There are tons of beaches around the world that would be perfect spots for the summer vacation. Beaches like Bohol beach resort are one of the top destination for both local and tourist travelers. These places are home to the wonderful beauty of nature, marked by the cool sea breeze, vast mountains and rich forests and of course, the sparkling blue sea.

The bounties of nature that could be found all over places like Palawan beach resort makes it an ideal destination for people who want to reinvent their connection with nature. It is also the perfect spot for those who just want to relax and escape from the stressing flow of life in the city.

However, hotels like Tagaytay Hotels should not only be seen as a sanctuary for relaxation and comfort, because it is also a haven for fans of adventure and partying. There are several waters sports that could be enjoyed in this place, so those who want to have a large dose of adrenalin rush would definitely love to test their courage here. There are tons of exciting activities that could be enjoyed when the sun is up, but the fun does not stop when the night comes, it only gets better, because of the parties that happen in all parts of the beach.

So if you want to enjoy the best beach vacation ever, be sure to land on destinations that would serve as not only a mere beach but a sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy.

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Hunger Games Makes Archery A Hit Sport For Kids

After the apparent success of the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ book, “The Hunger Games”, a lot of children show interest in archery, inspired by the story’s lead female character, Katniss Everdeen. The sales of bows have soared three times in an outdoor store in New Jersey, proving that a lot of people apparently gained interest in the sport since the premiere of the movie.

Archery is definitely a good past time for kids and adults alike, but for people who want to experience the best adrenalin rush and make the most out of their vacation, there is nothing greater than packing their bags and heading for the beach. 
During summer season, or any other time when people are on vacation, the beach is one of the top destinations for tourists. No one could ever resist the beauty and the charm that the sparkling blue waters and the white sand of world renowned beaches such as Boracay beach resort. Because of the natural beauty of this destination, there is no wonder why a lot of people who wants to relax and have fun choose to land here. 
The natural charm of the blue waves and the wonderful surroundings of world class destinations such as Philippine Beach Resorts have never failed to make both local and foreign tourist’s hearts flutter. One can definitely enjoy their stay just by marveling at the bountiful gifts of nature at this place. Because these places are surrounded by wonderful views of forests, clear waters and mountains, it is a perfect spot for someone to reinvent his bond with nature. 
Aside from the beauty of world renowned tourist’s destinations like Tagaytay Hotels, tourists also enjoy the wide variety of exciting water sports that could be enjoyed in these places. Those who love to experience adrenalin rush would definitely adore engaging in fun activities like wakeboarding, kayaking, surfing. 

With all the fantastic things that these traveler’s sanctuaries can offer, there is no wonder why tourists from all over the world keep on coming back to experience the one of a kind beach activities in these places. A few days spent in these nature havens would definitely be a memorable one with all the wonderful things that you could marvel at. 

So whether you are inspired by Katniss’s skills in archery and want to experience the hype of bows and arrows or you just want to relax and enjoy the waves, there is nothing better than a vacation spent in wonderful places.


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