Hunger Games Makes Archery A Hit Sport For Kids

After the apparent success of the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ book, “The Hunger Games”, a lot of children show interest in archery, inspired by the story’s lead female character, Katniss Everdeen. The sales of bows have soared three times in an outdoor store in New Jersey, proving that a lot of people apparently gained interest in the sport since the premiere of the movie.

Archery is definitely a good past time for kids and adults alike, but for people who want to experience the best adrenalin rush and make the most out of their vacation, there is nothing greater than packing their bags and heading for the beach. 
During summer season, or any other time when people are on vacation, the beach is one of the top destinations for tourists. No one could ever resist the beauty and the charm that the sparkling blue waters and the white sand of world renowned beaches such as Boracay beach resort. Because of the natural beauty of this destination, there is no wonder why a lot of people who wants to relax and have fun choose to land here. 
The natural charm of the blue waves and the wonderful surroundings of world class destinations such as Philippine Beach Resorts have never failed to make both local and foreign tourist’s hearts flutter. One can definitely enjoy their stay just by marveling at the bountiful gifts of nature at this place. Because these places are surrounded by wonderful views of forests, clear waters and mountains, it is a perfect spot for someone to reinvent his bond with nature. 
Aside from the beauty of world renowned tourist’s destinations like Tagaytay Hotels, tourists also enjoy the wide variety of exciting water sports that could be enjoyed in these places. Those who love to experience adrenalin rush would definitely adore engaging in fun activities like wakeboarding, kayaking, surfing. 

With all the fantastic things that these traveler’s sanctuaries can offer, there is no wonder why tourists from all over the world keep on coming back to experience the one of a kind beach activities in these places. A few days spent in these nature havens would definitely be a memorable one with all the wonderful things that you could marvel at. 

So whether you are inspired by Katniss’s skills in archery and want to experience the hype of bows and arrows or you just want to relax and enjoy the waves, there is nothing better than a vacation spent in wonderful places.

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